My Mission: Create a line of packaging for fishing products, including reels as the main feature, for a well-known fishing brand.

My Solution: Using their current logo, I began to think about what most Abu Garcia fishing packages are lacking. The answer: readability and some style. Most are cluttered with eight images of different kinds of fish, way too many technical specifications crowding the layout, and no definitive color palette or system. Inspired by the clear readability of an Epson cartridge box that was sitting on my desk, I realized the fishing packages needed a clear system to differentiate between fresh water,  salt water, and fly fishing. Not only do the reels need a color system, but so do the collateral items that are inherent to each specific kind of fishing.

Large, bold typography makes the reel model easy to recognize. Clear, actual size photographs of what’s inside each box simplify the buyers choices. Bold, bright colors make the system eye-catching and easy to understand. Easy-to-read diagrams at the back of each package show how each technical specification functions. A clean, light gray background doesn’t take away from the photograph and reel specifications, giving the boxes a clean, straightforward feel with just a little bit of style.

The result is an easy-to-use, color-coded system that makes buying fishing reels and fishing paraphernalia easier than ever for the busy sportsman.

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