My Mission: Retail store brand and packaging system: Create a sub-brand for Gwen Stefani’s brand L.A.M.B. including bakery products and café merchandise.

My Solution: Gwen Stefani is known for her eclectic mix of glamorous girlyness and street punk style. She has become a style icon with millions of adoring fans looking to her for the latest beauty and fashion inspiration. Her brand L.A.M.B. (an acronym for Love. Angel. Music. Baby) is extremely successful world-wide.

I took inspiration from an ornate mirror I got as a gift a few years ago. It is a deep black with an elaborate leaf and flourish pattern surrounding the oval mirror. I feel regal when I look into it, as I’m sure Ms. Stefani must feel on a daily basis. I created S.W.E.E.T. (an acronym for Style.Wonderful.Eternal.Extravagant.Tasty)Café and Bar, a place for fashion lovers and those with a sweet tooth to mingle and treat themselves. The ornate pattern of the mirror provided the flourish of glamour on each label. A dark grey on black leaf embellishment creates sophistication and regality. The bright fuchsia, neon yellow, and rich teal add a certain poppiness to the line, while also designating different flavor profiles. The slide top wooden boxes, spray painted with various patterns bring a mix of street style and sustainability.

The result is a funky, stylish brand and sustainable packaging system with the ornate street style of Gwen Stefani.

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