My Mission: Choose a brand that is not a part of the skin care industry. Using this brand’s current identity, create a line of seven skin care products and an in-store display.

My Solution: Using Fiat’s long history of providing stylish, quality automobiles, I began to think about what the brand represents. Style, simplicity, and convenience, all found in one very compact little car. Exactly what I need for the brand’s skin care system and in-store display.

My Crosley record player is a staple in my collection of things I love. The bright, shiny cherry red paired with the sleek steel grill and knobs has always reminded me of the classic car I would one day like to have. The history behind record players like this is a long one, much like  that of the Fiat brand history. With this inspiration, I began to work.

Small, but powerful bottles with the renowned Fiat logo at the center of each. Racing stripes along the bottom, just like those found on the new Fiat Abarth 500. Iconic cherry red and pearl white with the satiny finish only found on sports cars. Metallic silver caps and lids reminiscent of shiny hubcaps. An in-store display that neatly houses the bottles in a clear and compact way. A custom-made, cushioned leather “tuck and roll” backing sewn in the same fashion as the infamous Fiat racing seats.

The result is a stylish and compact in-store display, housing the satiny, smooth red and pearlescent white bottles and tubs that hold Fiat Skin Care for Men, sure to catch the eye of auto enthusiasts and Fiat fans alike.


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