My Mission: Choose a paper line and create a promotional book and poster through word association to promote the brand.

My Solution: I chose the paper line called “Expressions” from Mohawk Fine Papers. Thinking about our “expressions” as a society brought me to think about the book and movie “A Clockwork Orange” and its theme of the necessity of both good and evil. Good loses all sense of meaning without evil. What good would positivity be without the opposing evils of humanity? As much as most hate it, evil is a necessity to make the good things good. Otherwise, we would be left in an emotionless, robotic society without our own freewill.

My LaCie external hard drive brought inspiration for the look and desired feeling of the book. The cold, gridded metal paired with the bright pop of orange rubber. The sturdiness paired with the fragility. A lesson of opposites. Dark, grungy grays and greens with bright pops of striking orange. Digital typography that represents our robotic future society paired with bold typography manipulated to feel stifled and yearning to express itself. Odd photographs of people expressing themselves in various manners and moods. Drawings and doodles over images to show that freewill means something different to each and every one of us.

The result is an underground publication about the arguments of good and evil. When freewill is stifled, anarchy will inevitably be the result.

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