My Mission: Rebrand a Fortune 500 company and create a new set of brand guidelines. Chosen brand: Starbucks Coffee Co.

My Solution: I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet knows the Starbucks brand. Everyone. So I  had my work cut out for me when I chose to redesign the Starbucks brand identity and write a new set of brand guidelines. Strength, comfort, and enjoyment are the keywords that come to mind when I think of Starbucks, and words I wanted to stick with. Those are some powerful emotions. They are the same feelings I get when I cozy up for the night with my favorite cup and saucer. The deep, rich brown of the ceramic cup, like the dark hue of infamous Starbucks coffee beans. The silky feeling of the ceramic against my skin is like the smooth, creamy foam on top of their infamous café lattes. I can always depend on my cup and saucer to bring me back to my happy place, much like the effects of one’s favorite Starbucks beverage.

Strong, comforting, and welcoming. Frederic Goudy’s Copperplate brings strength. It says stable and dependable. The rings are reminiscent of the top and bottom of a cup. The colors are those of the rich shades found throughout the Starbucks menu. The rings joined together and interlocking to create a place of strength, comfort, and enjoyment, surrounding the Starbucks initial.

The result is a new identity that better represents the brand’s featured products while remaining true to their core values.

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