My Mission: Create a promotional gift set with three coffee or tea products based on your favorite children’s book.

My Solution: The Giving Tree has been my all-time favorite book since I was a little girl. I have had the same copy since I was ten, which makes it incredibly dear to me (and the pages quite worn with love). The simplicity of the illustrations and the characters brought to life by Shel Silverstein are heartwarming. And a story of such selflessness is timeless.The feel of smooth wood. The preciousness of each carving done by hand. The bright, lime green paired with the darker, leafy green with tiny hints of apple red. The scrawled handwriting like that of the initials carved into the loving tree.

Because of the story in The Giving Tree, I wanted to focus on the second life of the packaging, making sure each piece could be used again. I built a wooden box to create an instantly recognizable connection with the consumer. Inside, the tea products (loose leaf tea, tea bags, and tea-infused chocolates) are packaged in glass with the iconic illustrations from the book throughout. All of the materials are recyclable and reuseable, further promoting the message found within the pages of the book. The box captures the sentimentality of the story and is an important lesson for people of all ages in this day and age.

The result is an instant collectible for anyone who loves tea, The Giving Tree or both.

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